BBC Micro:bits On 22nd March, a portable coding device called the BBC Micro:bit was sent out to schools all over the UK. This project was designed to help get young school children more involved with coding and inspire digital creativity. Our school was one of the many schools who were privileged enough to be able to learn all about the Micro:bit and, as a special treat, everyone was allowed to take one home for free so they could experiment and learn fun tricks at home using the BBC Micro:bit website. The BBC aimed the project at Year 7 students. First they learnt the basics like the different parts and how to program a ‘Hello World’ script, but soon they were creating great games, digital dice and cool countdowns. I personally found it very exciting what you can do with a few short lines of simple programming. Some fortunate students were asked if they wanted to compete in a competition against other schools to create a device using their Micro:bit; these students were definitely up for the challenge. In the competition, St. Bernard’s came only one point below the winning team with their two travel based devices: an electronic name tag and a security alarm. img_3086 Overall, the Micro:bit is a great way to introduce yourself to coding. If you ever decide you would like to create your own games and devices, just grab a Micro:bit and visit the website where you can find videos, tips and ideas.

source link By Charlotte North 7E

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