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Why We Want to Work for the NHS The Better Care Together (BCT) Careers and Engagement Hub engaged with around 120 Year 10 students at a Careers Speed Network event at St Bernard’s on Monday, 11 April, 2016. They talked to students about the careers available within the NHS, across south Cumbria and North Lancashire.

follow site 4Verity Henderson, 15, said: “I really want to be a surgeon as I am interested in anatomy and I really want to help people. I’ve watched a lot of television shows which have inspired me so I would be interested in some real work experience with the NHS.”

profittabilita opzioni binarie 3Olivia Thompson, 15, said: “I want to be a doctor in Accident and Emergency. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do. I want to help people and make sure they get better. It was very interesting finding out about careers locally in the NHS. The day has confirmed I really want to go ahead with my career choice.”

buy Lyrica in mexico 2Anna Viceroy, 15, said: “I’m really interested in becoming a nurse or midwife. My mum and my nana are both nurses. Talking to the BCT Careers and Engagement Hub has helped me to find out more about each profession and what opportunities there are locally.”  

Duke of Edinburgh

go This year, twenty-eight Year 9 students have taken up the challenge of The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award. Students are working to complete sections in Volunteering, Physical Challenge and Skill. As well as this, our students have planned and undertaken two overnight expeditions. They have to plan and walk a route carrying all of their kit, with an overnight camp in between. Our practise expedition took place at the beginning of June in torrential rain; however, this didn’t dampen our students’ spirits and everyone made it to the finish in Broughton.

opcje binarne najniższy depozyt Our assessment expedition took place in the beautiful Langdale Valley in The Lake District in July. This time we camped for two nights and, again, our students didn’t let us down with their teamwork, determination and excellent behaviour. Well done to everyone who took part. I look forward to awarding as many of you as possible with your Bronze Awards next year.

enter site Mrs White

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BBC Micro:bits On 22nd March, a portable coding device called the BBC Micro:bit was sent out to schools all over the UK. This project was designed to help get young school children more involved with coding and inspire digital creativity. Our school was one of the many schools who were privileged enough to be able to learn all about the Micro:bit and, as a special treat, everyone was allowed to take one home for free so they could experiment and learn fun tricks at home using the BBC Micro:bit website. The BBC aimed the project at Year 7 students. First they learnt the basics like the different parts and how to program a ‘Hello World’ script, but soon they were creating great games, digital dice and cool countdowns. I personally found it very exciting what you can do with a few short lines of simple programming. Some fortunate students were asked if they wanted to compete in a competition against other schools to create a device using their Micro:bit; these students were definitely up for the challenge. In the competition, St. Bernard’s came only one point below the winning team with their two travel based devices: an electronic name tag and a security alarm. img_3086

Overall, the Micro:bit is a great way to introduce yourself to coding. If you ever decide you would like to create your own games and devices, just grab a Micro:bit and visit the website where you can find videos, tips and ideas.

By Charlotte North 7E

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Faraday Challenge

n May, six Year 7 students took part in the Faraday Challenge Day at Walney High School. They were given the challenge to come up with new uses of a Micro:bit that would fit into the categories of health, travel or recreation.

They then had to programme their Micro:bit and design its packaging. They were given a budget and, for a limited period, were able to buy components and stationery from the shop. They also had to prepare a presentation to showcase their designs. Marks were awarded for their presentation and team work as well as the originality of their Micro:bit.

Our team designed Micro:bits to fit into the travel category. One was a security tag that would contact the user’s phone by Bluetooth and would sound a buzzer if someone tried to open their bag. The other was a luggage tag that would display the owner’s name or a message to enable the traveller to easily identify their luggage on an airport carousel.

Our team did incredibly well, especially as two members of the team didn’t have any experience of using the micro:bit before the challenge. They worked incredibly well as a team; those with micro:bit experience showed the other students how to use them. Unfortunately, they were pipped at the post by 1 mark, but received a special prize from the challenge leader for their excellent work.faraday-challenge-2