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BBC School Report Day.  

follow link BBC school bannerThe BBC School Report scheme allows pupils to get a feel of what it is like to be a reporter, to meet deadlines and to open debate on issues. This year, at St. Bernard’s, it has also allowed pupils to set themselves the challenge of filming and editing their reports to see how using a range of production techniques can enhance their message. Our group of Year 10 pupils have produced articles on a range of topics from body image to National Women’s Day. Watch the articles for yourself to see how our budding reporters got on… BBC school banner


St Bernard’s Catholic High School takes part in the BBC News School Report for the first time Come back on Thursday, 10 March to see the reports for BBC School Report 2016 and, in the meantime, take a look at what our students produced last year. —– On Thursday 19th March, the News section of St Bernard’s website will be taken over by the pupils own reports on events happening around school and in the community.

forex come funziona The BBC News School Report scheme allows students to get a feel of what it is like to be a reporter for the BBC in a newsroom environment.

www opzioni binarie A team of year 9 pupils will independently craft articles on any interesting events occurring around school in a bid to improve their writing and communication skills. Next year, it is envisioned that this project will be open to the whole school via an extra –curricular programme that will not only allow participating students to create further written reports but also allow them to produce radio and television style broadcasts as well.

opcje binarne brokerzy Mr Greaves on behalf of the English department had this to say about the event: “This academic year, with a team of bright, intelligent, enthusiastic year 9 pupils, St Bernard’s Catholic High School will take part, for the first time, in the BBC News School Report initiative organised by the illustrious British Broadcasting Corporation.”

He added: “The English department is looking forward to supporting our students in these endeavours both now and in the future. Good luck to those taking part.”

Year 9 students have said they feel lucky to partake in an activity such as this and they would love to participate next year in the completion of the radio and television broadcasts.

Who knows, the next Sophie Raworth or Huw Edwards could be in our midst…

Report by Rebecca

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2015 Duke of Edinburgh Award

30 lucky St. Bernard’s Catholic High School students have been given a chance to fulfil their potential, by aiming to complete the Bronze 2015 Duke of Edinburgh Award. This will give the pupils a rare opportunity to develop useful life skills, participate in intense challenges and have a brighter future.

The award is split up into four sections: skill, volunteering, physical and expedition. Each student is expected to choose an activity through which they can develop their ability to work in a team, think for themselves and work extremely hard.

Recently we interviewed students from St. Bernard’s to understand their thoughts, feelings and reasons as to why they applied. When we asked Maya why she put herself forward, she passionately answered, “I want to learn new life skills, build new relationships, and strive to complete hard challenges.” Afterwards we asked Jake what he hopes to learn from the experience. He answered, “I want to improve my fitness and endurance, know what I am capable of and finally enjoy myself.”  

Photo: Expedition leader, Mrs. White with reporters Sadie and Gracie.

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Anticipation for Science Fair Comes to a Head

The annual St. Bernard’s Catholic High School Science Fair will be taking place tomorrow in the school hall. The much anticipated event will be held by science teacher Mrs White. Subjects are wide ranging; from viruses to variation between animals and humans. Students from Years Seven to Nine can enter with the top prize being a Cosmic Rocket.  This year 30 students have entered an impressive total of 14 projects.

When asked what was the best part of the science fair, Mrs. White said, “There is always a great atmosphere in the hall and creates a big buzz.”

Photo: Mrs. White with reporters Madeline and Olivia and the Cosmic Rocket first prize.  Reporters: Ethan, Madeline, Olivia and Amy.

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Football Finalists

Recently, the St. Bernard’s Catholic High School under 15’s girl’s football team has successfully reached the County Cup finals, playing against either Trinity or William Howard dependent on the outcome of their semi-final.

Olivia, a member of the victorious team said, “I believe that as a team, we work considerably well in conjunction with one another, despite the fact we have only been playing together since the beginning of the school year. Hopefully we will continue to play as a well bonded team and succeed to become the County champions.”

We then interviewed Mrs Wilson, a member of the P.E. Department, who said, “I believe that we, as a team, will come out as champions, due to the fact of the quality in depth and the strength in our positions played. Likewise, throughout there is a good team spirit and together we work well, in both training and matches.”

The team beat Caldew in the quarter finals which were played at Caldew’s home ground. Mr Edwards, coach of the team, said, “My favourite thing about coaching the girls is the fact that they aren’t big headed and are willing to learn. I also believe that I can mould these players like clay, into professional, high standard players.”


Reporters: Madeline, Amy, Olivia, Ethan.

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