Why We Want to Work for the NHS

The Better Care Together (BCT) Careers and Engagement Hub engaged with around 120 Year 10 students at a Careers Speed Network event at St Bernard’s on Monday, 11 April, 2016. They talked to students about the careers available within the NHS, across south Cumbria and North Lancashire.

4Verity Henderson, 15, said: “I really want to be a surgeon as I am interested in anatomy and I really want to help people. I’ve watched a lot of television shows which have inspired me so I would be interested in some real work experience with the NHS.”

3Olivia Thompson, 15, said: “I want to be a doctor in Accident and Emergency. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do. I want to help people and make sure they get better. It was very interesting finding out about careers locally in the NHS. The day has confirmed I really want to go ahead with my career choice.”

2Anna Viceroy, 15, said: “I’m really interested in becoming a nurse or midwife. My mum and my nana are both nurses. Talking to the BCT Careers and Engagement Hub has helped me to find out more about each profession and what opportunities there are locally.”


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